Decision Anxiety

I am enjoying the New Growth Press series “Ask The Christian Counselor.” It is packed with practical, comforting, and gentle encouragement. This week’s book is “Anxious About Decisions” by Michael Gembola. ⁣

Gembola helps us understand what decision anxiety is and how it works. He explores the way people try to fix it and oftentimes fail. Then he addresses the topic of God’s will and how our decisions play into that. Once we grasp the problem, he narrows anxiety down into different topics like: moving into adulthood, family, marriage, vocation, as well as plans and purchases. ⁣

I love when Gembola said, “In all of our decision making, the Holy Spirit never leaves or forsakes us.” We can be encouraged because we are never alone in making decisions. God is with us. ⁣

Whether you struggle with decision anxiety or have a friend who does, I believe this will be book encouraging to you.

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