God Made Babies

I love the goal of the book “God Made Babies.” While many caregivers can feel perplexed about how to answer, the “where do babies come from? question. Justin and Lindsey Holcomb wrote this book to help equip caregivers to have this conversation. This book draws from creation and looks at the reproduction system seen throughout God’s world. It highlights God’s goodness. This book has fun illustrations, biblically based truth for kids to think through, as well as a way to help caregivers.

That said, this book had more words than I thought it would, so I’d say it is for older kids like 4–8 years old. It would be a little over my three-year olds head.

As a parent, I know and you know this question is coming. I’d recommend caregivers have age appropriate answers ready, and I think this book will help equip parents to continue to talk to their kids.

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