I Have A Psychiatric Diagnosis: What Does The Bible Say?

I Have A Psychiatric Diagnosis: What Does The Bible Say?

This book came out yesterday. I love reading books on counseling. In a world that often divides things into either being scientific or spiritual, this is a question some people might like to ask a Christian counselor. In this book, it feels like Edward T. Welch pulls up a chair beside us and begins to answer with kindness and compassion. 

What does Welch mean by psychiatric diagnosis? In this book, Welch covers anxiety and panic disorders, trauma, depression, and narcissism.  

For some, a diagnosis may turn their world upside down and redefine how they once saw themselves. Welch empathizes. He answers many of our common questions, and more importantly he points the reader to Jesus, the one who can bring peace and hope. 

I appreciate the value Welch puts on a diagnosis. He sees how a diagnosis can identify complex struggles. And I appreciate that he makes room for effective medical treatment where it is necessary. But in everything he writes, his highest priority is to show the reader Christ. He offers depth and knowledge of the Scripture. His counsel is helpful. My biggest complaint with this book was that I just wanted more. I wanted him to keep talking. That said, I also did appreciate that he kept the book short, so people won’t be overwhelmed.  

So whether you yourself struggle, have family members who do, or are seeking to minister to the friends around you, this book is a short and helpful resource.


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