Echoes of Exodus | Book Review

Roberts and Wilson’s Echoes of Exodus focuses on the heart of the Exodus specifically, and traces it’s reverberations throughout redemption history. Between Genesis and Revelation the exodus theme is prominent. This book invites us to cultivate our imaginations and glory in God. His story is absolutely amazing. While other books explore Exodus themes, Echoes of Exodus provides a wonderful contribution to the field by tracing the theme throughout the entire Bible. This is so important for believers today. As Roberts and Wilson said, “The exodus is our family story” (14). The exodus matters.

I would highly recommend this book to students, pastors, and friends for several reasons.

First, Roberts and Wilson’s work sparked worship for God in my heart. This book captivated my imagination. There were points when I couldn’t put it down, and then other points where I had to stop reading and thank God for the way he works. God’s story is so captivating. Who can write such a grand story besides the Lord? I am amazed at the connections and study that Roberts and Wilson shared in their short-easy-to-read book. It was a gift.

Second, this book helped me look at the Bible as a whole. It helped me slow down in some sections that I might normally pass over. I love this story because the exodus is about God leading his people out of the house of slavery. But we’ll see redemption doesn’t end when the people are delivered from Egypt. Redemption is just beginning and it echoes throughout the entire Bible. This book offers a beautiful blend of biblical theology and great writing that arrests the affections of those who hope in Christ.

Third, I saw Jesus with greater clarity. As the authors said, “The life of Jesus is an exodus, hidden in plain sight (125).The book is divided into four movements and by the time they got to Jesus my heart couldn’t help but sing. Redemption himself came.

Fourth, the exodus is something we can remember today as we partake in the sacraments: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Baptism reminds us of the flood waters of the Red Sea and how God saved his people. The Lord’s Supper reminds us of the Passover meal God installed when he was about to deliver the people.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I hope you do too!

Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption through Scripture. By Alastair J. Roberts and Andrew Wilson. Wheaton, IL: Crossway 2018, 176 pp., $17.99.

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