Missional Motherhood | Book Review

Even though mothering can be demanding, why is it so easy to parent in a self-focused way? How do mothers still manage to place themselves back in the center of the universe, even while serving?

Gloria Furman addresses this problem in her newest book and aims to move “self” back into its proper place in God’s grand story of redemption.

Missional Motherhood: The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God (Published May 31,2016) takes us where few motherhood books have gone before. This book is not a practical “How to” book that informs parenting. Rather it offers a broader vision: God’s grand story. Furman leads mothers on a journey through Biblical history. It centers the mothering world around God and places the everyday mom in the middle of redemption history.

Missional Motherhood is divided into two sections: “Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God: Nurturing Life in the Face of Death” and “The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood: God, Therefore, and Mother Disciples.”

The first section leads the reader through God’s plan of salvation (all the way through the Old Testament). Furman offers a helpful overview of Biblical theology. This section beautifully reminds moms where they fit into God’s story. It was a refreshing reminder that the world doesn’t revolve around self, but there is a much grander plan at work. It is a significant work. Moms need to know that.

The second section points to Christ—His life, death, and resurrection. Jesus changes everything about motherhood. Christ is the creator of motherhood and it exists for His glory.

Both sections are written to mothers, but Furman broadly includes women who may not have biological children. The next generation needs nurturers. They need Gospel disciple-making women to lead and guide them. This is far reaching and includes more women than just the ones having biological children.

This book is deep and rich and offers mothers a beautiful and compelling vision for disciplining the next generation. Overall I would recommend this book. It is a great overview of Biblical theology and encourages women (single, married, with or without children) to nurture life in the face of death.

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